Coral Way & 144th Avenue

Coral Way Village, conceived by DTI Architect, is a comprehensive site development situated at the crossroads of Coral Way and 144th Avenue. This project is a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces designed to enhance the community’s lifestyle. With its modern facades, lush landscaping, and thoughtful site planning, Coral Way Village is poised to […]

Coconut Creek

The Coconut Creek Health Pavilion, envisioned by DTI Architect, is a medical office building that integrates healthcare excellence with architectural grace. Situated in the serene environment of Coconut Creek, this facility is designed to provide a peaceful and healing atmosphere for patients and a state-of-the-art workplace for medical professionals. Reflecting the community’s subtropical charm, the […]

Car Safe Storage & Showroom

Car Safe Gallery and Storage, designed by DTI Architect, redefines the concept of automobile storage and showcase facilities. This avant-garde structure is not just a storage space but a gallery where car enthusiasts can safely store and display their prized vehicles. With its contemporary design, the facility offers state-of-the-art security features and climate-controlled environments, ensuring […]

20630 S. Dixie Hwy

Coral Outpost by DTI Architect is a standout retail outparcel, strategically positioned to capture the vibrancy of its urban setting. Our design philosophy showcases a modern, accessible shopping venue that draws in passersby with its inviting facade and signature red awnings. Functionality meets sophistication in this architectural statement that serves as a convenient shopping destination […]

7215 Los Pinos Blvd.

At 7215 Los Pinos Blvd., DTI Architect unveils the Los Pinos Luxe Residence, a paragon of residential luxury and modern design. This home reflects a masterful blend of elegance and innovation, with its crisp white facades, expansive glass windows, and sophisticated balconies. Every aspect of the residence is meticulously crafted to support a lavish lifestyle […]

5350 W Flagler St.

At 5350 W Flagler St., DTI Architect unveils the Flagler Street Residences, a multi-family complex that captures the essence of urban living while providing an oasis of comfort for its residents. This development reflects a deep understanding of the modern city dweller’s desires, featuring sleek lines, functional design, and a seamless blend of private and […]

3635 S. Douglas Rd.

Nestled in the lush enclave of Coconut Grove, Grove Haven Retreat is DTI Architect’s homage to the area’s storied charm and verdant landscapes. At 3635 S. Douglas Rd., this residential gem is designed with an acute sensitivity to its tropical surroundings, integrating the Grove’s signature canopy of trees and vibrant flora into its very essence. […]

3500 SW 107th Avenue

DTI Architect is at the forefront of designing for healthcare with the Greenway Medical Pavilion at 3500 SW 107th Avenue. This medical office building is conceptualized to provide a harmonious balance between state-of-the-art facilities and patient-centered care. The Pavilion’s clean, modern lines and lush greenery integrate seamlessly, offering a tranquil environment for both practitioners and […]

1531 Calais Dr.

Introducing Calais Modern Haven, the latest residential masterpiece by DTI Architect. This home is a showcase of contemporary sophistication set against the tranquility of suburban landscapes. With its bold structural elements and an emphasis on light and space, the Calais Modern Haven offers a modern retreat designed for luxurious living.Location Miami, Florida MarketResidential

1351 S. Orlando Ave.

DTI Architect proudly presents Orlando Promenade, a retail destination where modern design synergizes with community-centric spaces. Crafted with a vision to transcend traditional shopping experiences, Orlando Promenade stands out with its harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and inviting brick textures. Its landscaped alcoves and casual outdoor seating areas beckon the community to enjoy moments of […]