Visions At Brickell Station Condo-Hotel

Indulge in contemporary luxury at Visions at Brickell Station Condo-Hotel. Situated in Miami’s vibrant Brickell neighborhood, this architectural masterpiece redefines upscale living. With its sleek design, well-appointed amenities, and prime location, Visions at Brickell Station offers a sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyle for discerning individuals. Immerse yourself in the allure of Miami’s premier destination. LocationMiami, FloridaMarketHospitality

Westchester Medical Office Building

Embrace the future of healthcare at the Westchester Medical Office Building. Designed by visionary architects, this cutting-edge facility in Westchester, Miami-Dade County, showcases modern design and functional spaces tailored for healthcare professionals. With its two-story layout and emphasis on efficiency, the building provides a welcoming environment that promotes exceptional patient care. LocationWestchester, Miami-Dade County, FloridaMarketMedical […]

La Chorrea Shopping Center

Experience a new era of shopping at La Chorrea Shopping Center, a revolutionary retail destination in Panama City. This modern and dynamic center showcases a captivating architectural design that sets it apart. With its innovative approach to functionality and convenience, La Chorrea Shopping Center is a testament to Panama City’s evolving retail landscape. LocationPanama City, […]

South Point Shopping Center

Indulge in a seamless shopping experience at South Point Shopping Center, a vibrant retail destination in Miami, Florida. Offering ample parking and an innovative design, this center is home to a variety of big-box retailers. Discover a modern and inviting atmosphere where shopping is a pleasure and your favorite brands await. LocationMiami, FloridaMarketCommercial Retail

The Salty

Immerse yourself in the culinary wonderland of The Salty Donut’s Wynwood Flagship location. This iconic establishment, designed in collaboration with visionary architects, captivates the spirit of Wynwood’s vibrant and artistic culture. Step into a world where artisanal donuts, exceptional coffee, and the dynamic energy of Miami’s creative hub converge. Location Coral Gables, FL Market Commercial […]

Campbell Crossing Retail

Campbell Crossing Retail is a captivating architectural project that redefines the shopping experience. By seamlessly integrating wood and modern design elements, this retail destination creates an inviting and dynamic environment for both retailers and visitors. Discover a place where style meets function, and where the essence of modern retail comes to life. LocationMiami, FloridaMarketCommercial Retail

Design 41

Embark on a journey of architectural excellence with Design 41, a visionary collaboration between DTI Architects and Ten Architects, a world-class design firm from Mexico. Located in Miami’s vibrant Design District, this extraordinary project showcases the harmonious fusion of diverse design perspectives. Experience the pinnacle of cutting-edge design that pushes the boundaries of architectural innovation. […]

Biscayne Office

Elevate your business to new heights at Biscayne Office, a symbol of modernity and professionalism. Located on Miami’s prestigious Biscayne Boulevard, this architectural masterpiece offers a premier office environment designed to inspire success. With its sleek and contemporary design, Biscayne Office sets the stage for excellence in today’s competitive business landscape. LocationBiscayne Boulevard, Miami, FloridaMarketCommercial […]

Lake Worth Mixed-Use

Uncover the epitome of contemporary living at Lake Worth Modern Mix. This innovative mixed-use project in Lake Worth, Florida blends a medical office, hotel, and retail spaces into a harmonious ensemble. With its expressively modern design and seamless integration of diverse amenities, Lake Worth Modern Mix offers a one-of-a-kind living experience that embodies the essence […]

Hialeah Architecture

Experience the dynamic fusion of modern living and vibrant city life at Hialeah Cityscape Residences. This architectural project seamlessly integrates multifamily residential units with retail spaces, creating an urban environment that celebrates contemporary design. Immerse yourself in the evolving market demand of Hialeah, where the perfect blend of modernity and convenience awaits. LocationHialeah, MiamiMarketMultifamily Residential […]